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On the rocks (issue #9): How granite countertops became an American obsession – Cliff notes October 17, 2017 | Phil Edwards, Vox.com

Click here to view ORIGINAL ARTICLE on Vox.com ***Additional commentary by Michael F Coiro. BACKGROUND: If you’ve ever seen an episode of House Hunters, half of those people would rather have granite countertops than a roof. Changing consumer tastes that caused the shift — big global market forces have a hand in the granite takeover as […]

The Definitive Guide to Quartzite-Cliff Notes

Here is a great article from USENATURALSTONE.COM by Karin Kirk. Click here for the full article http://usenaturalstone.com/definitive-guide-quartzite/  You’ll find pretty much all you need to know about Quartzite in this article. One important clarification you should note is that Quartzite IS NOT the same as “Quartz” countertops also known as “engineered stone”, which are man made. More […]

The Vanilla Ice Project Season 7 (behind the scenes)

If you ever watch The DIY Network and/or are a Vanilla Ice fan (is there a large rapper, house remodeler/flipper fan community??? I wonder), you probably have seen The VANILLA ICE PROJECT.  Where Rob Van Winkle aka Vanilla Ice seeks out homes, rehabs them and sells them. We’ve been honored to be involved with Rob since the […]

QuartzMaster – Joint Venture

Our relationship with QuartzMaster originated nearly 30 years ago. My father established Arc Stone Inc in NJ in 1990.  The 90’s  were a blur of rapid growth in the economy overall and building in particular. The slab and tile industry just exploded. Exciting times to be in the stone business and exciting times for Arc […]

Once in a 100 years…..calacatta extra (video)

Hi. Welcome to the third installment of our “On the Rocks” Blog, and our first video! During the later part of 2016, my father was had procured these superb, premium calacatta slabs 3cm thick, gorgeous and spectacular. We had about a half container of them. Most of them went to a project in South Beach, some went out of state and a few […]

What you need to know before you buy tile

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW BEFORE YOU BUY PORCELAIN OR CERAMIC TILE There are certain questions we hear time and time again when clients are in the process of deciding on the appropriate floor and/or wall tile for their home. In this issue of “ON THE ROCKS”, we will provide you with the fundamentals you need to understand, in […]

Mar a Lago: Ballroom Floor summer 2004

Welcome to our first issue of the arc stone blog: ON THE ROCKS. Articles, posts, snippets, photos, etc posted here are intended to provide insight, background, knowledge, and points of interest as they pertain to natural stone, tile, porcelain, quartz and other hard surfaces.   So what better way to kick off our blog than with […]